Abound Jurisdiction Partners


Abound Food Care partners with cities, counties, and states to consult, oversee or manage food care programs. Abound Food Care activates resources and leverages partnerships to optimize the food supply chain to feed those in need and reduce food waste. We offer guidance, support, and a range of services that help partners build capacity and strengthen communities.

Recognizing that hunger, food waste, and economic development are interconnected, we embrace a holistic view to ensure that no food ever goes to waste, and that nobody ever goes hungry. We are able to offer a big picture perspective and a comprehensive solution because we:

  • Work side-by-side with the food industry to decrease food waste and repurpose food into delicious meals.
  • Partner with food banks, pantries and other nonprofits to deliver nutritious food to communities.
  • Provide healthcare organizations with food insecurity screening tools and resources to food-insecure individuals.

Since 2012, we have identified critical gaps in the food supply chain and developed innovative solutions to address those gaps including:

  • Network of Food Repurposing Kitchens
  • Solar-powered cold storage containers
  • Food insecurity screening and the Abound Medically Tailored Meals Program
  • Third party safety coaching for nonprofit pantries and food banks
  • Nonprofit enhanced purchasing programs
  • Record keeping and data aggregation

Abound Can Help Jurisdictions

Because we understand that each jurisdiction has its unique challenges, we help to assess the jurisdiction’s food supply ecosystem, identify gaps and opportunities, develop unique partnerships, and recommend tailored solutions. Here are some examples of how we offer support:

  • Emergency Food Management
    • An effective and innovative way to provide communities and their residents with an extensive inventory of nutritious, ready-to-heat-and-eat meals proactively located in strategic areas of a jurisdiction.
    • Comprised of three essential and interconnected components – Food Repurposing Kitchen Network, solar-powered cold-storage containers, and an advanced inventory management program – to ensure that jurisdictions have a steady food supply during times of crisis.
  • Food Resource Recovery
    • The Abound team works within your region to activate resources, leverage existing partnerships to optimize the food supply chain.
    • Our staff of food service professionals connect with potential food donors including restaurants, groceries stores, school districts, food distributors, and other entities to facilitate the safe donation of excess edible food.
    • We work with nonprofit agencies feeding people in need to enhance throughput and capacity, resulting in less food waste.
  • Data Aggregation
    • Record keeping and data aggregation makes it easier for your jurisdiction to get a complete and verifiable picture of the impact within your region. Aggregated data can assist in meeting compliance for legislative reporting requirements.
    • Our extensive experience in partnering with nonprofit agencies to build capacity uniquely qualifies Abound Food Care to confidently aggregate and verify data on your behalf.

Benefits of Partnering with Abound

  • Cost-effective solutions. Our team of experts and expansive partnership network work on behalf of your jurisdiction to efficiently and cost-effectively meet applicable legislative compliance.
  • Increase nonprofits’ capacity. Enhanced resources to local nonprofits so that they can better serve their constituencies.
  • Reduce hunger and food waste. Recovered food is used for the preparation of delicious, nutritious meals, rather than being sent to landfills.
  • Create jobs. Provide vocational training through our network of food repurposing kitchens.
  • Thriving communities. Build resilience in your communities and a sustainable future.

To learn more about how Abound supports jurisdictions, please fill out the form and our team will contact you.