At Abound, we believe that food care is the answer for feeding all of America, while protecting our environment.

We employ logistics planning, food care and recovery resources, and data collection to help organizations channel excess edible food to communities, rather than landfills. By reducing food waste and food insecurity, we’re improving the health of our people — and our planet.

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A Thriving Ecosystem

We bring together nonprofits, for-profit companies, food industry organizations, government, healthcare providers, and residents to create a thriving ecosystem that rescues food from becoming waste. Together, we can end hunger, improve health, protect the environment, and create jobs.

The Essential Ingredients

Abound can help you develop all the essential ingredients for real change — from logistics, operations, and equipment support to data collection and networked partners.

Our food care solutions are empowering organizations, governments, and communities to improve their food efficiency, while achieving state and local regulatory compliance.