Food Resource Recovery

Abound Food Care
Food Resource Recovery Program

The Abound Food Resource Recovery Program empowers public sector agencies to utilize the recovery of excess edible food from food waste generators, for distribution to local and regional nonprofit agencies. State and county agencies, municipalities, solid waste haulers, and solid waste consultants, among others, can now address food insecurity and gain compliance with food waste reduction mandates. 

The Challenge

40% of all food produced in America is ultimately wasted, and food waste has now become the second largest source of organic waste placed in our country’s landfills. Meanwhile, there are nearly 50 million Americans suffering from food insecurity. These two challenges share a common solution. By recovering excess edible food from food waste generators and redirecting it to nonprofit agencies feeding people in need, we can effectively reduce both food waste and food insecurity. In doing so, we can also reduce the unnecessary loss of money and human resources used to grow, process, distribute, and ultimately dispose of edible food.

Current food recovery efforts are typically local in scope, and lack the capacity to service the needs of regional and national food industry companies systemwide. The challenge is to implement a food recovery model that effectively identifies excess edible food and provides multi-regional food waste generators with the ability to donate food to nonprofit agencies in a convenient, seamless process, utilizing food safety steps that are widely accepted in the for-profit food supply chain. There is also a need to aggregate food recovery data that verifies the amount of excess edible food diverted from landfills in participating jurisdictions.

Donating excess edible food is not only the right thing to do; but also there are cost benefits associated with reducing food waste as well. Further, it will help agencies gain regulatory compliance, as a growing number of states are mandating a reduction in food waste destined for local landfills, where it creates toxic methane gas (a known greenhouse gas pollutant).

Our Solution

Abound offers a regional solution to a national problem — one that can impact and improve lives in our communities. We are uniquely qualified to implement a comprehensive solution that identifies and informs potential food donors of the benefits associated with food donation. Abound provides the technical and logistics expertise needed to connect available food with the nonprofit agencies that can serve it quickly and safely, while compiling verifiable back-end data.

Through our leveraged partnerships and proven ability to conduct outreach, educate, assess capabilities and build capacity, Abound can guide agencies in enhancing existing food recovery programs, or develop new, tailored programs. We also help clients implement innovative strategies such as a Food Repurposing Kitchen Network and solar-powered, cold storage solutions — optimizing the food supply chain and accelerating the achievement of food resource recovery goals.

Scope of Work


Through the development and implementation of the Waste Not OC (as we were previously known) model for food recovery, recognized nationally for its program effectiveness and innovation, Abound uses our unique and extensive experience across multiple sectors to assess, enhance, or develop an effective food recovery/food waste reduction program.

Program Oversight

Abound has the experience and existing partnerships needed to effectively provide oversight of a successful food recovery/food waste reduction program. Our goal is to deliver and maintain a successful, cost-effective, collaborative program that enhances the brands of our public, private, and nonprofit partners and becomes a valuable resource in combating hunger.

Program Management

Abound is a regional solution to a national problem that relies on the entire community. Often, this means blending the participation of a variety of stakeholders from multiple sectors with varying interests, competencies, and goals. Accomplishing success amidst this complicated dynamic can sometimes seem daunting and unobtainable. In such communities, Abound can provide an experienced and nuanced approach along with the ability to identify resources, navigate obstacles, and activate strategies and partners that will ultimately lead to a successful program. The result: A stronger, healthier, cleaner community.

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