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As food care experts recognized for optimizing large-scale food ecosystems, we’re dedicated to guiding communities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations on how to achieve efficiencies in their own food supply chain — to eliminate food waste, reduce hunger, and improve our environment.

Leveraging our public, private, and nonprofit partnerships, and utilizing data and technology, Abound Food Care applies real-world practices and creative solutions to empower our partners to improve efficiencies in supply chain and inventory management. This helps organizations drive profitability and build capacity. Working in collaboration with public, healthcare and nonprofit entities, we aim to end food insecurity by increasing public access to healthy, nutritious food. Beyond attaining food efficiency and equality, we help our partners successfully navigate the complexities of achieving state and local regulatory compliance.

Abound Food Care Solutions

Abound Food Care Solutions

We’ll Help You Navigate California’s Senate Bill SB 1383,
Mandating Food Waste Reduction

Food waste reduction is a national goal because food waste is the single largest contributor to landfills. Many states across the country are adopting organic waste reduction goals to combat the harmful greenhouse gas emissions caused by food waste and other organics in landfills.

California is leading the charge through Senate Bill SB 1383 – a state-mandated effort to reduce organic waste in California landfills by 75%, and to increase excess edible food recovery by 20% by 2025. This law requires California jurisdictions, food waste generators (grocery stores, restaurants, food distributors, and food service providers, among others), and food recovery organizations to achieve compliance or risk facing fines, penalties, and potential litigation. Regulations take effect and enforcement begins January 1, 2022.

Abound provides logistics planning, food recovery resources, and data collection to help our partners achieve SB 1383 compliance. Some of these solutions are offered free of charge for businesses or organizations who qualify.

To learn more about your requirements and how Abound can help,
download the SB 1383 information sheet specific to your organization type.

Abound Food Care can help you reach your food waste reduction goals. For more information on our food care solutions or about SB 1383 compliance, please fill out this form and someone from our team will get in touch.