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Join us as we explore unique solutions to food waste and hunger

Welcome to Plentiful

Plentiful is a podcast which explores unique solutions to food waste and hunger enabled by Abound Food Care, public entities, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations throughout the country. By sharing this knowledge with our listeners, we are hoping to inspire more efforts to optimize food supply chains and improve communities by solving food waste and hunger. Plentiful features a wide range of guests, from jurisdictional leaders building regional solutions, to pantry owners collaborating with others to reduce food insecurity, to medical professionals discussing impacts for individuals who don’t have access to nutritious meals.

Everyone at Abound Food Care has been ecstatic about creating the Plentiful Podcast. We hope that you, the listener, will enjoy them as much as we do.

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Episode 1 – The Inaugural Episode

Guests: Brian Alred, Dr.  Robert Levin, and Nancy Beyda

In this episode, we visit with three different experts from the medical, non-profit, and private sector to discuss food waste and food insecurity.

Episode 2 – Food Insecurity and its effects on health

Guest: Dr. Victor Cisneros

We speak with Dr. Cisneros about the health of those who are food insecure, and what is often overlooked when it comes to insecurity.


Episode 3 – Food Repurposing Kitchens as a big picture solution

Guest: Robert Egger

Join us as we talk about Food Repurposing Kitchens as a big picture solution to food waste and insecurity.