Food Donors

Abound Food Care partners with the food industry by providing tools, resources, and solutions that allow for the safe and convenient donation of excess edible food — reducing food waste and operational costs, while helping to end hunger and protect our planet.

Our Partners

We partner with food industry organizations, including but not limited to: restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, caterers, entertainment facilities, distributors, processors, manufacturers, growers, and food industry support entities (transportation and cold-storage facilities).

Waste Less, Save Money

Food waste occurs throughout the entire food supply chain. Many in the food industry are all too familiar with food waste, but may be electing not to donate excess food due to food safety and perceived liability concerns, along with the potential for brand damage. The nationally recognized Abound Food Care model, which includes the Abound Food Donation Program, removes barriers and provides solutions that mitigate these concerns. We help facilitate the safe recovery and distribution of excess edible food to nonprofit agencies serving food-insecure individuals. Our focus on food safety and logistics efficiencies protects your brand and ensures that we feed people — not landfills.

The Benefits of Donating Food are Boundless

With the proper care and handling of food, we can feed more and waste less. The social, environmental, and economic benefits of participating in the Abound Food Donation Program are boundless:

Improve Your Bottom Line

Donating excess edible food is not only the right thing to do; it’s good business. Participating in the Abound Food Donation Program provides benefits that impact your bottom line:

  • Cost reductions associated with reduced food waste
  • Tax deductions on donated food
  • Added-value marketing for your business
  • Employee and community engagement

Feed Our Food-Insecure Communities

Millions of Americans suffer from food insecurity each day, while 40% of all food produced in the U.S. is ultimately wasted. Food insecurity and obesity due to poor nutrition has a negative effect on communities nationwide. We rely on our food industry partners for help in addressing these community health issues. By donating excess edible food, you are directly helping to strengthen your community.

In Some States, It’s the Law

A growing number of states are mandating a reduction in food waste destined for local landfills, where it creates toxic methane gas (a known greenhouse gas pollutant). One example: a new California state law (SB 1383) mandates a reduction in food waste headed for landfill and includes an edible food donation requirement. Learn more about the California SB 1383.

Demonstrate Social Responsibility Through Action

Show customers your commitment to stamping out hunger in your community and minimizing your global footprint. 

Learn more about the Abound Food Donation Program.

To learn more about donating food and setting up your own customized food recovery program, please fill out this form and our team will contact you.