Abound Volunteers


Abound Food Care is a nonprofit food care organization, working with hundreds of other organizations to channel excess edible food to communities, rather than landfills. This means less food insecurity, and less strain on the environment.  

Each day, volunteers make this a reality, through a variety of activities. We invite you to join us — and accelerate this national food care movement.

How Can You Help?

We offer a number of roles, including:

1. Food Runners

  • Transporting food from donors (such as a grocery store or restaurant) to recipient pantries (such as senior centers and youth centers) and food banks.
  • We’ll provide you with food safety training materials and access to a mobile phone app that directs your trips.
  • See our Food Runner FAQ to learn more.

2. Outreach

  • Connecting with pantries, food banks, and other nonprofits to assess their needs, capacity, and capabilities.
  • Ensuring we have correct contact information for our partners and connecting them with other partners in the food care ecosystem.

3. Administrative

  • Tech support
  • Clerical support

4. Tactical

  • Assisting our nonprofit partners in food sorting and packaging and getting it ready for transit.

Why Volunteer with Abound?

  • Strengthen Your Community.Combatting food insecurity leads to a sustaining, positive trend toward better health — for individuals and for whole communities.
  • Gain Experience and/or School Credit. Food care is becoming a national movement —benefitting people and planet. Whether you need food care experience for your career or a degree — or you’re just interested in how food care works — volunteering can fast-track your path.
  • Flexibility. We offer seasonal work, flexible hours, and a range of roles. We can also help place you with one of our partners, such as a Food Repurposing Kitchen.
  • Group opportunities. Abound also offers volunteer opportunities to groups, schools, and organizations.

To learn more about volunteering with Abound — and directly helping your community — please fill out this form and our team will contact you.

In the meantime, please fill out the necessary volunteer agreement(s):

Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement (Minor)