Food Banks and Pantries

Abound Food Care partners with pantries, food banks, and other nonprofits that can receive excess edible food and distribute it to where it’s needed most. We offer guidance, support, and a range of services that help these partners build capacity and strengthen communities.

We Know Your Challenges

You’re often stretched thin on resources — volunteers, logistics, equipment, and supplies — and worst of all, sometimes your food supply can’t meet the demand. You might also benefit from additional resources or assistance in areas such as discounted purchasing programs, food safety, compliance with regulations, and data reporting.

We’re Here to Help

Here are just some of the ways that Abound can help:

  • Nutritious Food
    • The Abound outreach team works with potential food donors including restaurants, groceries stores, school districts, food distributors, and other entities to facilitate the donation of excess edible food. 
    • We connect these donations to you and then track them through the use of easy-to-use technology.
  • Transportation and Logistics
    • For smaller donations: We utilize trained and equipped volunteers to help transport food to you while maintaining critical food safety steps. 
    • For larger donations: We’ll arrange the logistics assistance needed to deliver the donation to your nonprofit agency.
  • Food Safety Best Practices
    • Our team consists of food industry professionals, local environmental health inspectors and third-party safety coaches working together to protect your organization’s reputation, offering insights and assistance that keeps food safe for client consumption. 
    • We can act as the buffer between you and the donor, when needed. For example, if a donation appears unfit for human consumption, let us know and we will consult with the donor regarding unacceptable food donations and the negative impacts it could have on their business.
  • Supplies and Equipment 
    • We pursue joint grant opportunities, leverage partnerships and purchasing program participation to provide or reduce the costs associated with supplies — such as grocery bags, disposable and janitorial items, thermal blankets for transporting cold food safely, and equipment such as refrigerators and freezers to prolong the life of food — and offer them to you.
  • Donation Tracking on a Technology Platform
    • Makes it easier for your organization to keep track of your donations. 
    • Assists with increased availability of food, data capturing, logistics, and food safety verification.
    • Documented data and demonstrated impact leads to increased funding opportunities for your organization.
  • Nonprofit Support
    • We can help nonprofits thrive, offering support in the areas of funding, staffing, best practices, capacity building, compliance with impending regulations, and other challenges you face.

Benefits of Partnering With Abound

  • Increased food donations
  • Increased capacity for your organization so that you can serve more clients 
  • Procurement support
  • Tracking support that leads to compliance and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Nonprofit assistance and increased funding opportunities
  • Access to a national food care ecosystem

To learn more about how Abound supports pantries, food banks, family resource centers, and other food recipients, please fill out this form and our team will contact you.