Earth Day’s Fascinating Establishment

By Emily Carter - Outreach Associate - April 26, 2022 Since its start in 1970, Earth Day has become a weeklong event highlighting how human behavior directly impacts the environment. Today, Earth Day is celebrated in more than 190 countries with 1 billion people focused on protecting the [Continue Reading]

Social Determinants of Health

By Joe Greenwald - Business Development Strategist January 12, 2022 Government agencies, health professionals, policy makers, academics, and other experts often refer to Social Determinants of Health. They are generally presented as equally important puzzle pieces in a larger picture. But when one takes a deeper look, [Continue Reading]

Students and Food Insecurity

By Skylar Duron - Outreach Associate December 14th, 2021 We’re all familiar with the broke college student trope, where students spend their nights endlessly studying, chowing down on a simple diet of “cup-of-noodles”. But do we fully understand the truth behind the origins of the broke college [Continue Reading]

What Can We Learn From a Turkey?

By Mike Learakos - Executive Director November 23, 2021 Several years ago, I found myself walking through a dry riverbed that had become an encampment for over 3,500 homeless people.  As we walked through the area with Healthcare officials, we noticed several people carrying plastic grocery bags [Continue Reading]

Social Media – The New Way to Educate

By Stephen Kilgore - Social Media / Marketing Liaison November 12, 2021 When people ask me why I enjoy my job, I always give a vast list of reasons, but one reason that I always bring up that is an instant conversation starter is the enjoyment of [Continue Reading]

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