What Can We Learn From a Turkey?

By Mike Learakos - Executive Director November 23, 2021 Several years ago, I found myself walking through a dry riverbed that had become an encampment for over 3,500 homeless people.  As we walked through the area with Healthcare officials, we noticed several people carrying plastic grocery bags [Continue Reading]

Social Media – The New Way to Educate

By Stephen Kilgore - Social Media / Marketing Liaison November 12, 2021 When people ask me why I enjoy my job, I always give a vast list of reasons, but one reason that I always bring up that is an instant conversation starter is the enjoyment of [Continue Reading]

Can I still eat this?

By Brian Penny - Senior Outreach Associate October 5, 2021 I get this question from my friends all the time. A couple days past the “Expiration” date and they wonder, maybe I should call BP and see if it can be eaten? Did you ever really think [Continue Reading]

Enabling Food Care Through Capacity Studies

By Rachel Otair Parris - Director of Operations December 1, 2021 Capacity Studies - Reducing food insecurity and food waste may be Abound Food Care's mission but many other organizations are critical components in the sustainability ecosystem. They are all essential musicians of this orchestra, from the [Continue Reading]

Food Care and “Code Red” UN Climate Report

By Joe Greenwald - Business Development Strategist September 3, 2021 The August 7 UN climate report is receiving much attention both in the US and internationally. The almost 4,000 page report produced by 200 scientists, from over 60 countries, cites 14,000 individual studies and paints [Continue Reading]

Food Care and Why It’s Important

By Mike Learakos - Executive Director                September 2, 2021 Welcome to the first blog from Abound Food Care. As we start you may ask, “Why would Abound start a blog? What will you be sharing and how is it of [Continue Reading]

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